All About Phillip And Lea

When we talk about the basic necessities than there are many things a person have to own in order to live with ease. There are many tools, cookware, and outdoor stuff to work with ease and with speed.

We buy many different things in order to make a certain task easy for ourselves. Like gardening tool and special cookware etc. We, Phillips and Lea, sell everything online. You just have to take a look at our website and select the thing you would like to buy and place the order. Then you will have what you want at your doorsteps. We have The cookware, The preservers, the baking materials, all the things we need for camping and the gardening tools online.

In the cookware, we have copper pots & pans, oven mitts, copper fish kettles, stainless steel pots & pans, aluminium pots & pans, cast iron cocotte, copper & stainless steel, utensils, wooden utensils, cook’s knives, balloon, French & roux whisks, and, mandoline.

In gardening tools we have children’s tools, cultivators, edgers, forks, hoes, opinel kitchen knives, planters & planting accessories, rakes, shovels, spades, specialised tools & tool maintenance, stone scratchers, trowels, weeders, outdoor metal watering cans, outdoor metal watering can roses, indoor metal watering cans, pruning knives and saws, trugs, garden bag, secateurs, and, garden shears.

For the jars we have preserving jars, jam jars and pots, preserving & best watering cans in Australia, jam and syrup pans, preserving pans,  jam funnels and jelly mill. For the talented bakers we sell scales, baking tools, dariole, moulds, pie moulds, loaf & panettone tins, cake & sandwich pans, flan & tart pans, baking & biscuit trays, traybake & brownie pans, copper egg white bowls, copper sugar, saucepans, copper zabagliones, copper tatin tart molds, and, candle molds  and of course, for our dear campers we have skillets, camp ovens and camp oven tripod, hurricane lantern (flat wick), pressure lantern (mantle), forest axes, splitting axes, fishing and game bags, fly fishing landing nets, fly boxes, pocket knives, mushroom knives, fish filleting and shellfish knives, hunting & outdoors knives. We also give the gift card through which you can get huge discounts and we also have put things on sale at a reduced price.

You do not have to worry about the quality we offer. All our products are of standard quality. We like to sell quality more than quantity. You can rely on us for all the tools in the world you want. We care about our customers too much to give them something that is of low quality. We keep our promises and never let down our dear customers. It is our utmost priority to keep our buyers happy with our services we offer them. Buy from us and see it yourself what we are saying. You will definitely see we do what we say.