What Is Non Destructive Digging?

We all want our road surface non damaged, but sometimes there are some times where digging is necessary for restoring and replacing old busted pipes so that new pipes can be laid down. There are many ways you can get your job done in replacing old service lines or any pipe work whether it is for home or commercial use. But we want effective and less time consuming way without damaging anything else. In this relation we have a process called non destructive digging Brisbane (NDD) it is also called vacuum extraction. You may ask what this is. It is the most common way to excavate without damaging anything that is buried. It helps in breaking up the debris. It is widely used in underground work. 

This method has minimum impact on environment as it uses high water pressure to clear away any debris which is imbedded underground. It is a safe method which doesn’t damages anything that is underground, it basically clears a path for workers to work on electrical lines or gas pipes or even fuel lines if it is occurred at a fuel pump. It has become most widely used method and it is also very efficient.

It may be costly depending upon the work load and workers and equipment required. It is used in many situations such as planting, removing of tree’s roots, working on underground system and the list goes on. 

As the name implies the NDD can really save your underground system in such a way that it will be more cost beneficial. We all are looking for safe and alternative methods in preventing any damage to underground utilities. By using an excavator we are going to dig up something that might not be needed and can get very expensive if the damage is done. The Non Destructive Digging is the most efficient and fast way to get your job done.

The equipment that is used in these types of work are basically your average trucks which are customized only for this purpose. They have large cylindrical tanks that hold all the debris there is underground. Sometimes more trucks are used if the job requires it. As we know there are places where the earth can be a cruel thing if we go in harsh surface. The NDD helps in loosen that surface area and clearing way for workers to see what they should and should not work on. 

Here are few uses:

  • Hole digging
  • Fiber work
  • Removal of tree
  • Safety barricade mechanism

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